1979 Dipl.-Ing. Werner Straube establishes REORG GmbH in Juechen
  • Development of software for computer-aided capture of measurement values and representation in the form of bar diagrams, as well as evaluations including statistics (histograms and control charts)
  • Use of parallel capture of measurement data using multiple-site measurement instruments
  • Use of Commodore PET as a measurement computer
1980 - 1983 Marketing of software in cooperation with AVIATEST Nieberding (subsidiary of Rheinmetall)
1984 First IBM-compatible measurement computer with colour display
  • Transferring of software onto DOS platform
  • Inclusion of colour representation
1985 Development of entire measurement facilities commences. These consist of:
  • multiple-site measurement devices
  • measurement computers
  • part handling
  • measurement, evaluation, control and statistics software.
1986 Development of machine tool correction according to the methods of statistical quality testing (sliding mean value)
1987 Ford takes on tool correction as a standard process
seit 1986 Development of linked fully-automatic measurement facilities which are connected to:
  • machine tools and
  • handling systems
1990 Completion of the new company site in Moenchengladbach-Giesenkirchen
1994 Patents for measuring cylinder liners
1995 Construction of tripod measurement facilities
2000 Patent for a flexible and rapidly adaptable modular system for measuring shafts (TrueLine)
2004 Dr.-Ing. Andreas M. Straube enters the company
2006   Development of the new measurement computer PQC Nano and the new measurement software based on microsoft technology MyPQC (Process Quality Control)
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